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  • Senolytics improve health, extend life: Preclinical research findings July 9, 2018
    ROCHESTER, Minn. ? The presence of senescent or dysfunctional cells can make young mice age faster. And using senolytic drugs in elderly mice to remove these rogue cells can improve health and extend life. These findings from Mayo Clinic researchers and collaborators provide a foundation on which to move forward in this area of aging […]
  • Precision genomics point the way to mutations associated with accelerated aging July 5, 2018
    ROCHESTER, Minn. ? Mayo Clinic researchers are using precision genomics to search for undiscovered, inheritable genetic mutations that cause accelerated aging. In a study recently published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers conducted a study assessing 17 patients with short telomere syndromes ? rare conditions that result in premature DNA and cellular deterioration. The ability to […]
  • Mayo researchers find off/on switch for DNA repair protein July 2, 2018
    ROCHESTER, Minn. ? Damage to DNA is a daily occurrence but one that human cells have evolved to manage. Now, in a new paper published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Mayo researchers have determined how one DNA repair protein gets to the site of DNA damage. The authors say they hope this discovery research […]
  • Mayo Clinic Children's Center once again ranked among Best Children's Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report June 26, 2018
    ROCHESTER, Minn. ? Mayo Clinic Children?s Center again has been ranked as the top-performing children?s hospital in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota on U.S. News & World Report?s 2018?2019 Best Children?s Hospitals rankings. Rankings of 118 of the nation?s pediatric centers identify the top 50 in each of 10 specialties. Only 86 children?s […]