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Our vision is to establish an online community that shares their knowledge, experience, & innovation involving the Health, Medical, and Science Marketplace. Working together we can make Minnesota a health care leader.

At MN Medical Online our focus is delivering a powerful and dynamic communications platform that presents real-time news, events, companies, and people, in the Medical, Science, & Wellness environment. Our goal is to reach out to these industry leaders, unique businesses, and many organizations, to collaborate with us by providing their story, service, product, and brand. Our mission is to help you connect, unite, and inspire others to continue and develop better partnerships and innovations in this exciting marketplace.

MN Medical Online has worked with a long list of medical, science, and wellness accounts including: 3M Medical Products, Medtronic, Advanced Respiratory, APA Medical, PilatesYogaUSA, HealthWellnessUSA, Double Black Imaging, IMT-USA, SciMed, NorthEast Dental, Patterson Dental, A Betterway Healthcare, Ecolab, St. Jude Medical, Rochester Mayo Clinic, Surmodics, and many other fine companies. We look forward to helping many others.


Mn Medical Online has a professional staff experienced, dedicated, and committed to the development of a rich, bold, and exciting online website that connects, informs, and educates our Minnesota community to the most exciting and interesting things happening in the Medical, Health, and Science marketplace. Join us today and form a partnership for life.


Mn Medical Online has over 30 years of Marketing & Advertising experience in the Medical, Health, & Wellness environment. We represent Minnesota and the major cities that employ the people and innovations of this niche industry. From sales, to current news, to prime leadership connections  we are the voice for current business champions. Join us today and let us help you reach your customers.


Mn Medical Online provides a wonderful platform for your advertising needs. From simple ads, banners, or a major sponsorship we have the right solution and spot for you. Get connected and meet the influential people in the industry today. Have something exciting to say – let us know we are passionate about helping the Minnesota Medical & Healthcare marketplace.

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  • Innovation

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MN Medical Statistic

“The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. This medical marketplace consumes over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country’s economy.”

Andy LaFrence

Andy LaFrence has spent nearly five years as chief financial officer of Surmodics Inc., during which time the company has broadened its scope with acquisitions of Ireland’s Creagh Medical and Twin Cities-based NorMedix.